A Stopover in a Quiet Terminal

Father, forgive me, it has been almost 3 weeks since my last post. The guilt, it’s real. But, alas, marrying travel and blogging has become harder and harder for me. The simple fact is the older I get the more my blog brain craves stability and a groove, two things that are not easy to find on the road. Hopefully my road warrior days will be dialed back in a couple of years, but in the near future the blog and the Reclaim Roadshow must go on.

The Terminal begins to haze like a dream after enough time

At this very moment I’m decompressing at Frankfurt Airport on the second of a three-leg journey with the closest thing to a free moment I’ve had after an intense few weeks on the road in both Italy and the USA. We went from Venice to Verona to Durham for Domains19 to Winston-Salem for a workshop at Wake Forest (read Carrie Johnston’s recap here) to Long Island for a family meetup and then back to Reclaim HQ in Fredericksburg for a brief tryst with Reclaim Video before heading back to Trento. Leaving Reclaim video is increasingly more difficult after too short a stay given I really love that space. In fact, I spent much of Tuesday and Wednesday fixing some shelves, hanging posters, head cleaning the Panasonic Omnivision VHS player, and securing another working Pioneer laserdisc player along with a haul of 100 laserdiscs. It was fun!

The saving grace of this trip was I got to bring Tess along, and she was awesome!

In the near future I have two weeks before a two week beach vacation to Sardegna, which I am really looking forward to. I don’t think I fully realized just how tired I am until the last day or so. The last 6 months has been a blur, it is hard to believe the summer is here, but before I check-out for a while I wanted to list of things I still need to share before I worship the sun and sea gods for a spell.

So, what do I need to write about? Well, a lot, and below will be my check-list:

  • My keynote/workshop around SPLOTs at Old Dominion University at the end of May
  • My visit to Naro Video n Norfolk, VA, which was awesome
  • A throwback to my time at the uAPI conference at BYU in January to catch-up on a recent visit I had from Phil Windley, which was very inspiring
  • I have two or three posts at least about Domains19, that was a blast and so many good people made it everything I had hoped.
  • The Video Vortex in Raleigh. OMG!
  • The Wake Forest workshop that Lauren and I ran right after Domains19 that was a tour de force and quite rewarding
  • Impressions of Long Island 
  • Reclaim Video’s bright future, but the loss off our very first video clerk to college 🙁
  • A general Reclaim Hosting check-in on some thoughts around building community and capacity
  • My ETUG envy and more recent thoughts on the NGDLE

And that should catch me up for a bit. We’ll see how far I get before I leave for the beach, but hope springs eternal in the blogger’s heart.

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