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Classes I want to teach

One of the best things about my job at UMW is that I’ve been able to teach a wide range of courses across a few disciplines. So far I’ve taught nine different courses, and one of them six (soon to … Continue reading

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Crimes of Terror: Piracy and Slave Revolts

Over the last two weeks the True Crime seminar Paul Bond and I are co-teaching has started to catch its groove. As of last week groups of three students have been tasked with introducing the readings, running the class discussion, … Continue reading

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Zombies, Pirates, and Copyright

Audio from Zombies, Pirates, and Copyright presentation Last night I had the distinct pleasure of presenting on the convergence of three topics that fascinate me in light of our cultural moment: zombies, pirates, and copyright. All three are big both … Continue reading

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Toys I never had but wish I did: Super Pirates

Going though the Mego Museum this morning I came across this amazing set of action figures I never knew existed until now. Introducing Mego’s Super Pirates. Just think about it, 8″, full poseable super pirates? And according to the box, … Continue reading

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Zombies and Pirates: Let’s begin

Gratuitous audio: Download Sell My Soul When I started talking about the Zombies and Pirates course I was thinking along the lines of a syllabus, a series of texts, a schedule, and a unifying theme. In some ways a traditional … Continue reading

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Pirates, Zombies, and P2P….Oh My!

I’ve had an idea brewing for a little while, and I think I might finally try and act on it.  I have missed the classroom a bit recently, but not so much the physical space and grading and all that.  … Continue reading

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The Pirates of Oz

I just put on a DVD for my kids, a Warner Brothers film we paid cold, hard cash for, yet are still forced to sit through a barrage of commercials and previews that range from insipid to insulting. On the … Continue reading

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Classic Video Game Emulation

I recently came to the realization that my best friend in Fredericksburg is my 12 year-old neighbor. I just can’t avoid the fact that I have never really progressed beyond the sixth grade; I am still so dearly enthralled by … Continue reading

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“And then the pirates come and they steal all our internets…”

To stick to a theme, check out Tenacious D’s anti-piracy video featuring Jack Black.

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Torrent Parties

The blog Torrent Freak is a relatively recent favorite of mine. I have read it sporadically for a while, but it seems like things have been heating up as of late in bitTorrent land as the MPAA and other interest … Continue reading

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