Andrei Tarkovsky Talks about his favorite Directors

I love this video of Tarkovsky in his living room talking about his favorite directors. He seems so tortured and real at the same time, what a nut. I also love his analysis of Antonioni’s vision of “action” in his films, which absolutely nails Antonioni’s immense genius in my mind:

There is practically no action going on in Antonioni’s films. And that is the meaning of “action” in Antonioni films.

He also notes how much he appreciates Fellini’s for his kindness and humanity, which I think is right on. One thing that caught me off guard was his discussion of a French filmmaker Jean Vigo (whom he suggest is the father of the New Wave and French film in general, and whom I have never heard of) providing a new set of films to get my hands on.

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4 Responses to Andrei Tarkovsky Talks about his favorite Directors

  1. Zach Davis says:

    Vigo – L’Atalante – 1934. Back when I gave a shit about film, that movie made a huge impression on me; definitely worth seeing.

  2. Jared Stein says:

    You are right, he is a nut. But that’s probably why his stuff works. I still heart “Nostalghia” most of all. That film taught me to slow down my viewing, and gave me new appreciation for deep focus of other films.

  3. Reverend says:

    Thanks for the tip, I’m putting it in my queue now. And what a shame that you gave up on film, you had such a bright future ahead, now its all work and no play which makes Zach a dull boy.

    I haven’t seen Nostalghia, in fact I have only seen Andrei Rublev, which i loved. I have a lot of Tarkofsky to catch up on, I guess I have to load up on the Vodka, cause he don’t make it easy 😉

  4. locyka19 says:

    could anybody send me the name of the documentary where he speaks about them? Just because the video h’ been deleted.

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