At the Scale of Care

On Wednesday of last week I had the good fortune of co-presenting with Lauren Heywood and Noah Mitchell at OER20, which made the switch to an entirely online conference in just over two weeks–can you imagine? 

Lauren and I had been planning this for a bit, and while most of the planning entailed me telling Lauren how awesome the framework she and Noah had created educating their community (what is Coventry Domains Learn), the creation slides and script for the session came together quite quickly and seamlessly. I worked on slides 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9 and Lauren did 2,4,6, and 8. The idea was to have a back and forth between me framing Domain of One’s Own and some of the practical elements of this approach, and Lauren digging in on some of the philosophical vision of the project.

We built out the entire presentation in SPLOTpoint, a WordPress template site that acts as a slide deck but then is an ongoing website made by the King of SPLOTs, Alan Levine.

Click to visit presentation site for At the Scale of Care

I think the presentation was fun, and I appreciate it inspired Doug Belshaw to blog about the precarity of our current DNS system, domain names, and possible alternatives. It was also cool to have folks like Liz Hudson chime in and testify to the awesome work Lauren and crew are  doing on the ground, and I felt like I was just part of that chorus for my part of the presentation 🙂

We had over 80 folks attend, and there was lively discussion and a tremendous amount of good will and support. 

Also, it is really encouraging to see Lauren Heywood nail the broader philosophical frame for Domains, I feel like my head has been in the weeds the last few years with just trying to keep up with running the trains, and it takes a new generation of edtechs like Lauren to frame the how and why of Domains, so it was an absolute honor and privilege to present alongside her. 

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  1. I love the framework that Conventry Domains has come up with for educating their community. Thank you for sharing this. As we think about the next phase of DoOO at UMW it is useful to see all the different ways schools are trying to help the community use it.

    • Reverend says:

      Yeah, I recommend the Learn as a philosophical framework for folks on the regular now, it works at a really amazing meta level that provides a lot beyond the howto docs which can be very helpful for positioning the approach on the campus more broadly.

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