USS Missouri as experienced on #ds106radio

The #ds106radio has been on fire recently, and I am not going to lie: it gives me a lot of joy and hope in a strange moment. A lot of first timers are jumping on (tune in tonight (day? morning?) for a special sharing is caring broadcast where three friends share songs and stories:

But this mornings impromptu broadcast was from Bill Genereux took six or seven listeners on a tour of the Mighty Mo, or the USS Missouri, via their virtual tour website. It was pretty amazing to go to the site, and then have Bill tour you through the boat telling stories of his time on the battleship during Desert Storm in the early 90s. The idea of being narrated through a virtual experience like that via radio, and then all syncing through the site was powerful for me:

I know a couple of other folks were along for the ride, such as Nigel Robertson and Rowan Peter, and I would be interested in hearing their experience. It was remarkably compelling to be narrated through an experience like this, and Bill did an excellent job orientating you so you knew where and what aft, starboard, port, and fore were when he was talking. We would navigate through degrees of a circle: you should now be looking at 90 degrees, or 180, or 270 based on an agreed upon 0 or 360. It was really wild.

My head starting swimming with all kinds of possible applications, like touring folks on the radio through Trento when Anto and I talk on the radio. What’s more, why couldn’t we broadcast the audio and screen sharing through The vertical and the horizontal, baby! I tried as much when Bill was touring us around in Reclaim’s video conferencing tool, Whereby, and it worked seamlessly.

All this to say it was pretty freaking cool to be given a “walking tour” half way around the world at a moment when none of us can get outside our current living quarters!

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3 Responses to USS Missouri as experienced on #ds106radio

  1. Tim Owens says:

    I’ve been going back through old videos in my YouTube channel and came across one with a similar concept the other day where I think Google had just released street view more globally and I was experimenting with found audio combined with moving through the streets there Seems a bit quaint now but still an interesting sense of presence, especially when thought of through the lens of radio.

    • Jim Groom says:

      I agree, makes the idea of storytelling through maps quite interesting, I am gonna try this with my boyhood home xcast to the TV!

    • Reverend says:

      This also reminds me of a video screencast thing we did early on in ds106 where we used Google Maps to tour our childhood home and tell stories, now the difference with the radio is the idea of a possible live audience, feedback via Twitter/chats, and a general sense of live TV/radio mad-capness as well as a tour of a place you know for others in the moment.

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