Auto-tune the news

Over at the Play-List blog, Brad Efford linked to this crazy re-mix/auto-tuning of the news. Hysterical.

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4 Responses to Auto-tune the news

  1. Ryan says:

    auto-tune #3 ( is also wonderful, but auto-tune the news #6 is the best of the series! a climate bill, sarah palin, pharmaceuticals, and michael jackson waking up dead … how can you go wrong?

    p.s. does michael jackson waking up dead count as a zombie?

  2. Reverend says:


    Brilliant, that is a classic, auto-tuning the lecture/class would be a logical extension of this series now wouldn’t it? :).

    As for your question, Michael Jackson being a Zombie would mean that he is dead, which we all know is not true. He is in Brazil drinking from an umbrella drink with everyone else who never died.

  3. Brad says:

    I agree that 5 & 6 are the shining stars in the bunch. The entire climate change bill opening of #6 is probably the best remixing they’ve done, but that one falls a little flat in the middle, only to rise again in the end with the waking up dead re-edit. 5 stays strong pretty much from start to finish, & takes a completely illogical debate (smoking lettuce) & turns it into uproarious self-parody.

    Either way, this is my kind of copyright playground. The way these are created is absolutely genius, their political poo-pooing almost nonchalant. I love everything about the idea behind these creations, I’m dying for them to make more. Thanks for the bavainclusion!

  4. Mike Caulfield says:

    For me, #5 gets almost Beck-like in it’s brilliance. The ones I’d seen before seemed more Jib-Jabby — but I think i will try them again.

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