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Wonder Woman Mashup

A week ago the new Wonder Woman movie trailer was released at Comic Con. I’m not sure if it’s going to be any good, and it’s not getting any easier to stomach the super hero movie slop they keep dishing out, but … Continue reading

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Wiki Embed: Telling the True Crime Story

In my last post I talked about how excited I am that students are building a resource using the true crime wiki as part of the course Paul Bond and I are teaching this semester. I wanted to use this … Continue reading

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A Mashedup ds106 Xmas Card

Have a happy holiday ds106 inernauts! Now looking for some hanukkah and Kwanzaa mashups 🙂 Discovered via this post on BoingBoing.

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Multimedia Projects: A Blog/Wiki Mashup

This semester professor Mara Scanlon and I decided at the very last minute to experiment a bit with the multimedia projects she had assigned the students in her Contemporary Poetry and Asian American Literature courses. Here is the multimedia project … Continue reading

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Il Mashup: some ds106 productions

I was unbelievably impressed with the mashups the internauts in ds106 came up with for our 9th assignment. I took a pretty different approach to video this semester, I stuck with it intensively for about 3 or 4 weeks. Andy … Continue reading

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Maybe Mr. T’s pretty handy with computers

What’s not to love about Mr. T? And given I am now cable-enabled, I am catching the Mr. T World of Warcraft commercials, and I can’t help but love this bit. I am gonna have to use this. Keep in … Continue reading

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Whitman Video Locator

Mara Scanlon recently attended a Google Docs workshop with DTLT’s own Martha Burtis and came away with a pretty impressive idea.  One of the projects the Digital Whitman students at UMW (and elsewhere in the Looking for Whitman project) is … Continue reading

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Zombie Marvels, or is it Marvel’s Zombies?

This post over at Cartoon Brew features some fun fan art by YouTube user Whoiseyevan, who has re-cut the trailers for the 1960s super hero animated series of Captain America, Thor, and The Fantastic Four into Marvel Zombie versions. And … Continue reading

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Auto-tune the news

Over at the Play-List blog, Brad Efford linked to this crazy re-mix/auto-tuning of the news. Hysterical.

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Wiring the syndication bus together

Philipp Schmidt just posted on a cool new mashup of Google Forms and Yahoo Pipes that creates a kind of self-service aggregation of feeds for Peer-2-Peer University classes, you can see the prototype here. Go ahead, add the URL of … Continue reading

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