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Over the summer I was invited by Terry Greene to join him for an episode of his radio show/podcast highlighting open pedagogy Gettin’ Air. I had been well aware of Terry’s work with Alan Levine around building Ontario Extend for eCampus Ontario. Much of it was built on the principles of ds106, and their podcast (number 8 in the list) is worth a listen. It’s been a while, but I think we talked about Reclaim Hosting, Domains, ds106, and Terry was kind enough to humor me with a long diversion into the continued relevance of automated, robot-driven VHS stores. As part of our discussion we did a 15 minute walk-through of Reclaim Video (see above) that we want to pretend was one and done, but we had to re-record that bad boy 4x over the course of a month or so until we actually got a usable file. I really appreciate Terry thinking it was ultimately worth all the extra work. A direct link to the episode can be found here. My favorite part of the show was explaining to Terry how in awe I am at the sustained work ethic of his guest for the following episode, namely Stephen Downes. Having guests set the table for following episodes is a nice touch, and I think Terry’s soft touch in this podcast really makes it special.

Also, as an additional note, the podcasting network/radio station Gettin’ Air is run through,,  is in many ways a by-product of the ds106 days. Stephen Hurley, who was a frequent contributor on during its heyday, and went on to help build a radio station for educators:

We are a 24/7 Internet-based Radio Station dedicated to both broadening and deepening the conversations we have about education. We are a participant-driven community, offering anyone who has something to contribute to join us as a broadcaster, a podcaster, a blogger or a guest on someone else’s program.

It’s all connected! #4life

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