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Metaphor’s in the Water, You Go in the Water

Sorry for the oblique Jaws reference in the title, but I really couldn’t resist given I’m talking about Martin Weller‘s podcast about Metaphors in Edtech—captain Quint himself 🙂 In fact, one of the many joys of OER23 was not only … Continue reading

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What Happened? The EdTech Pandemic Podcast

I want to get this out of my head and on to the blog because I had this idea while in conversation with Reclaim’s Pilot Irwin and Occidental College’s Jacob Alden Sargent yesterday, and after sitting on it for more … Continue reading

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Reclaim Arcade Interview

? Tim did a great interview in which he talks Reclaim Arcade on the 80-Bit Podsmash podcast with Termite and Penguin. The podcast is about all things gaming, and it was cool to hear the co-hosts dig on the Reclaim … Continue reading

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Catching Up on my Utopian Tendencies

At 4pm BST / 5pm CET / 11am EDT / 8am PDT @jimgroom and I will be bringing more Utopian Tendencies to #ds106radio #seizethemeansralfhutterstyle pic.twitter.com/izUondCWRc — Lauren (@LaurenHeywood) May 29, 2020 I never did blog about episode 3 of Utopian … Continue reading

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bava Gettin’ Air

Over the summer I was invited by Terry Greene to join him for an episode of his radio show/podcast highlighting open pedagogy Gettin’ Air. I had been well aware of Terry’s work with Alan Levine around building Ontario Extend for … Continue reading

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Domains 17 Interview with Jon Udell: “Digital Polarization and a Web of Evidence”

Last Friday the Domains 17 conference committee interviewed Jon Udell live on ds106rad.io in anticipation of his presentation at the conference in June. (Still haven’t registered? Here’s the link!) If you have read the bava for any amount of time, it will … Continue reading

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Domains 17 Interview with Martha Burtis: “Web literacy is cultural literacy”

Last Friday the Domains 17 organizing committee got to sit down and chat with Martha Burtis, keynote for the Domains 17 conference, to get a preview of what she’ll be presenting in June. There’s a lot to process in this 50 … Continue reading

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Goodspell: Gospel Radio for the #ds106 Generation

This past Sunday I was honored to be a guest on the very last episode of Mariana Funes and John Johnston‘s podcast the ds106 Goodspell. They have been talking in detail about 106 bullet points of ds106 that Mariana posted back … Continue reading

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UMW Domains goes Back to School

Kim Jaxon and Patrick Berry had a compelling conversation as part of their most recent Back to School podcast about the fact that more and more faculty and students want alternatives to the centralized, campus-supported learning management system. The larger … Continue reading

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ds106zone Lodown #27

ds106zone Lodown 27 This is the second installment of the Lodown in the post-Scottlo era. I was joined by Mikhail Gershovich on #ds106radio early this morning to theorize about some of the unspoken possibilities behind Scottlo’s resignation from the Lodown. … Continue reading

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