Centipede Reclaimed

Not only did I achieve on of my life goals by helping to run a Video Rental Store while back in Fredericksburg last week, but I also checked off another bucket list item: owning a classic 80s video game cabinet. That’s right CoWork is now the home to a gorgeous 1980 Centipede cabinet that works perfectly and is all original. 

Beautiful, indeed! The high scores were not registering, but Tim has already figured out the issue (a bad electrically alterable read only memory (EAROM) chip) and swapped it out which fixed it! I wanted the game cause I love this crap, but what we didn’t realize was how welcome an addition it was to our co-working space. The volume can be turned down, and folks will randomly get up and just play a game, and it is so fun. It is an object of shared attention at times, and it only makes me want another 🙂 Tim has been tossing out the idea of giving whoever has the high school at the beginning of the month free membership for that month. I love that idea, although productivity may go way down, and we might need to charge quarters to afford it 🙂

Another thing worth noting is the gorgeous artwork on the cabinet, it is really a standalone art piece apart from the awesome rollerball gameplay.


And then Grant Potter, as he is wont to do, drops this AMA Reddit thread in Twitter featuring the Centipede programmer, Dona Bailey, who donated her Centipede machine “to the VA hospital where the author Ken Kesey worked when he was a student in the writing workshop at Stanford.” The life of a Reclaimer is always intense!

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