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Centipede Reclaimed

Not only did I achieve on of my life goals by helping to run a Video Rental Store while back in Fredericksburg last week, but I also checked off another bucket list item: owning a classic 80s video game cabinet. … Continue reading

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Working on Reclaim Video’s Storefront

During this trip back to Fredericksburg we wanted to make some progress on the renovations of the Reclaim Video storefront. This included ripping up the carpet and tile floor as well as cleanly up the walls and painting. We also … Continue reading

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Animate 2600: Video Pinball

There might be some pinball purists out there who will want to burn me at the stake for this heresy, but give me Atari 2600’s Video Pinball over a “real” pinball machine anytime. That whole face-to-face argument for pinball is … Continue reading

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