Checking in with John Johnston on #ds106radio

Back on March 20th I did one of my earlier call-in discussions with Scottish educator, blogger, and tinkerer John Johnston. John has been a long-time participant to the ds106 community, and he and Mariana Funes did the radio show Goodspell for several years that seemed to spin out of ds106radio. I had the pleasure of being on that final episode, and I even got to meet-up and talk with John and Anne-Marie Scott in Edinburgh during OER16, which was my gateway event to becoming an addict of that community.

John supports all sorts of amazing things, such as EDUtalk radio (a radio platform for discussions about education in and beyond Scotland), ScotEduBlogs (a blogging aggregator and platform for Scotland edubloggers), not to mention his amazing photography, brilliants hacks, and so much more. As the Corona virus started to bear down on us here in Italy and the mighty ds106radio emerged like a phoenix from the flames, John was one of the first people I thought of reaching out to. I’m not exactly sure why, but I have a sneaking suspicion it has much to do with the fact he embodies a lot of the DIY ethic of hacking, fierce independence, community-facing coolness with his various projects and overall groovy work that so many folks associated with ds106 in one way or another (except for maybe me).

So, here is a document of that discussion, two people talking through the changes, sharing stories, and generally happy to re-connect with each other. That’s damn good radio! Not to mention the fact John convinced me to finally jump to Audio Hijack after hearing him pull his music into the Skype call, magic!

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