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Checking in with John Johnston on #ds106radio

captured my likeness;-) https://t.co/PXLG40n08U — john johnston (@johnjohnston) March 20, 2020 Back on March 20th I did one of my earlier call-in discussions with Scottish educator, blogger, and tinkerer John Johnston. John has been a long-time participant to the ds106 … Continue reading

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Goodspell: Gospel Radio for the #ds106 Generation

This past Sunday I was honored to be a guest on the very last episode of Mariana Funes and John Johnston‘s podcast the ds106 Goodspell. They have been talking in detail about 106 bullet points of ds106 that Mariana posted back … Continue reading

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Reclaim the CSS Animation

It’s been a bit quiet around here recently. Between flying relatively solo on Reclaim Hosting support last week and fitting in some vacation time as well I’ve been fairly busy. That said, I’ve been meaning to play around with CSS … Continue reading

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Danny’s Wheels

I am still playing with John Johnston’s cartoon script command line kung-fu using scenes from The Shining. You can see yesterday’s Punch and Judy show here. Today I wanted to try and play with some of the scenes of Danny … Continue reading

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Gimme the Bat

I’m in a ds106 state of mind these days. In particular, I’ve been meaning to dig into all the amazing work John Johnston has been doing with command line tools over the last several years. I always looked on in … Continue reading

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ds106: Building a Framework for Assessment

Yesterday morning I presented a session for the e-Assessment Scotland Conference alongside Martha Burtis and Alan Levine titled “ds106: A Framework for Assessment.”  I kind of mapped out a logic for the session (albeit roughly),  but thanks to technical difficulties that prevented … Continue reading

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The Great Wall of bava

I’ve got about 10 posts to write on uwmdomains faculty initiative, ds106zone, the bava film festival starting this Tuesday, and much, much more. But the family from Long Island has descended on Fredericksburg, and I am losing ground every moment … Continue reading

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