Clouds of Fear

The State of the Union Tag Cloud post by Jim Coe over at Bionic Teaching speaks for itself:

Tag Cloud of State of the Union Address

These terms (they bigger they are the more they were used) say a lot about the rhetorical tenor of our leaders and the fact that rabid nationalism, war-mongering, and unchecked aggression are still quite popular in Washington. Moreover, it also suggests the power of a cloud like this to distill keywords, concepts, or subjects to give folks who want various access points to a text (or texts) different ways at it. Though this may be a bad example, for I can’t see too many differing perspectives in this cloud.

Those Fear 2.0 “Dream Team” bloghers must have been on to something!

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  1. Barbara says:

    Am thinking you should take this info and inform the guys and gals at this site:

    Signed, one of the Dreamettes

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