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Approximating the Syndication Bus with WordPress.com

Michael Willits (do you have a blog I can link to yet, and why aren’t you blogging this?) sent me an email last week about some of the very cool work Danielle Stern is doing with her Gender Communication courses … Continue reading

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Tale of the FeedWordPress Tape

Image courtesy of Looking for Fish tacos at ELI 2006, aka CogDog. Well, I have finally gotten a free minute to get this all down, and get it down I will in hopes that I can drum up some help … Continue reading

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WPMu Sitewide Tags, Feeds, & Archives! Oh, My!

So….so so so so so so, it’s time for a little walk down WPMu history lane. Last year at this time I was desperately scrambling for a way to have sitewide tags for UMW Blogs. I found the solution in … Continue reading

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Self-Service Feed Aggregation with WPMu

This post will detail how to create an aggregator site wherein people can simply add their feeds to a site and have their content automatically re-published. This example is specifically for WordPress and/or WordPress Multi-User. It depends upon three plugins, … Continue reading

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Finally, Course Aggregation Made Easy

photo credit: Tambako the Jaguar Well, it took us over a year, and with several iterations along the way, but I think UMW Blogs will now be able to provide dead simple aggregation of posts from numerous, distributed blogs with … Continue reading

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Clouds of Fear

The State of the Union Tag Cloud post by Jim Coe over at Bionic Teaching speaks for itself: These terms (they bigger they are the more they were used) say a lot about the rhetorical tenor of our leaders and … Continue reading

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RSS Feed for Tags in YouTube

Here is a cool thing I discovered recently, and please forgive me if it is already common knowledge. There is a little hack for getting RSS feeds for tags on YouTube, and it goes like this: http://youtube.com/rss/tag/randomtag.rss (where randomtag is … Continue reading

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Doing Things with Tags in WPMu 1.3

I discovered two cool things today that have to do with WPMu and tags. First, that WPMu 1.3 (and WP 2.3 for that matter) comes with a stock widget for a tag cloud that doesn’t require a plugin or anything. … Continue reading

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UMW Blogs Upgraded to WPMu 1.3

Well, it took long enough, but UMW Blogs is now running WordPress Multi-User version 1.3. We had to be a bit more careful with this upgrade because we are now supporting close to 800 blogs, so I actually took a … Continue reading

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WPMu: Sitewide Tags, Search, and Archive

Sitewide tags is a feature of UMW Blogs I spent a bit of time working on this past Summer. In fact, one particular workaround allows you to have a sitewide tag cloud as well as sitewide searching of blog posts … Continue reading

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