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Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 11.21.24 PMErika Spivey, Assistant Director of Media and Public Relations, published a follow-up on Domain of One’s Own today titled “Peer Mentoring Elevates Domain of One’s Own.” What I like about this piece is how it ties the ability for DTLT to scale a program that provides an entire campus their own domain and web hosting with the creation of the Digital Knowledge Center (DKC). This center, built and directed by the great Martha Burtis, has opened up new vistas for DTLT. Thanks to 9 ninja-like student tutors, we now have the ability to help students master a wide variety of digital skills—including managing their own domain—which has been a huge boon in our ability to carry-on with such an ambitious initiative.

It’s important to note that the DKC is not necessarily dependent on UMW Domains, and vice versa. Rather, the establishment of the DKC formalizes a peer tutoring environment to help students dive deeper into the possibilities of a wide-range of digital projects, and a crucial one for our community at the moment is Domain of One’s Own. The idea that every edtech group needs their own DKC is something that I would take to heart if I were running an edtech group—which I am, and I have.

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