Dr. Chip Oblivion

Game Cards from the UMW Canvas Game

Our student aide this summer, Patrick Burnett, designed the above playing cards for a game that Mary Kayler and Lisa Ames have been creating for faculty and students to explore the resources available in Canvas, our learning management system at UMW. It’s still a work in progress, but I was pretty excited about the playing cards 🙂

As you can see above, there are a bunch of folks from DTLT (Andy, Tim, Martha, and Lisa) who play a part in this game. Ryan also has a part in this madness, but he seems to have been snubbed—or is it spared?—a playing card 🙂 I love the whole idea of having playing cards for our group, I want to wrap them up with a hard, powdery stick of bubble gum.

The game introduces Dr. Chip Oblivion who just so happens to be the twin brother of Dr. Brian Oblivion—the UMW professor who went missing during the now infamous Summer of Oblivion ds106 course. Chip Oblivion is a digital copyright lawyer focusing specifically on digital identity and the value of self online. This is a guy you want fighting for your avatar. You can see a couple of really shorts bits from Chip Oblivion below. I just can’t seem to quit the Oblivion. Online personas #4life.

You can see trailer for the Canvas game, which was adeptly shot and edited by Andy Rush, below. The video already made it’s debut at InstructureCon 2014 as part of a presentation about the game given by Lisa and Mary. I’m looking forward to playing this game and seeing how all this craziness comes togther, I’m just hoping I don’t have to log into an LMS to play it 😉

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