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Oblivion University!

I could say more, but who has the time—not to mention, who would listen?

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Accused! ds106 on Trial

It’s been 12 or 13 years since its inception and I must say it’s kind of wild that ds106 won’t die. That’s gotta say something about how awesome it was/is/will be, right? I guess it really is #4life! Few people … Continue reading

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Living in Oblivion

I was on a roll blogging for a bit in September, and for me that is always a sign that I’m getting back into a work groove. But extended grooves have been harder for me this year given travel. I’m … Continue reading

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Dr. Chip Oblivion

Our student aide this summer, Patrick Burnett, designed the above playing cards for a game that Mary Kayler and Lisa Ames have been creating for faculty and students to explore the resources available in Canvas, our learning management system at UMW. It’s … Continue reading

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