#ds106radio Bumper Stickers

Michael Branson Smith (@nottrivial) has been pumping out the ds106radio bumper stickers, and I can’t wait until they are real, because I am getting them all!

See all seven on his blog here. This is a perfect design assignment fro , If he doesn’t add it to the assignment bank soon, I will 🙂

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3 Responses to #ds106radio Bumper Stickers

  1. otto paertz says:

    Yes indeed, these are real firecrackers! I espeically love the honor student one. MBS is on a roll with the bumper stickers – makes me want to go out and buy a car just so I can have something to plaster ’em to.

    Speaking of the assignment bank, I wonder whether it would be considered cricket or not were we to borrow some of the ds106 assignment ideas for our new Sock Puppetry 711 course?

    If so, could you give me the fax number of your institution’s intellectual property rights division so that me we may submit official requests and liability waivers?

    • Reverend says:


      That is what that bank is there for, it can;t be stealing if it is there for the taking. Use and abuse, and let me know if you want to set up your own course site on ds106.us so you can be in the flow of the posts—that would be fun 😉

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