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Design and Development Notes on the OERxDomains Guide

I want to see if I can organize a Reclaim Today session wherein Tim, Lauren and I sit down with Michael Branson Smith and Tom Woodward to talk about the OERxDomains21 site. I figure the sooner we can capture some … Continue reading

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#umwconsole Now with 2 Channels!

I spent most of the spring writing about UMW’s Living Room Console exhibit, a re-creation of a 1985 living room in a tucked away corner of the brand spanking new Information and Technology Convergence Center at UMW.  I spent the … Continue reading

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GIFs have Never Been Bigger at UMW

Possibly the coolest thing about UMW’s Information and  Technology Convergence Center (ITCC) is the media wall. It’s designed to be a canvas for a variety of media creations, and it is centrally located in the atrium between the second and third floors. It … Continue reading

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A Thing is Born: the Multi-GIF Shot

Michael Branson Smith’s born GIF is nothing short of brilliant. I have seen multi-shot GIFs, but I have never seen a multi-gif shot. Is this a new Thing, so to speak 🙂 I love this so much, and he has … Continue reading

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Domain of One’s Own Poster, now Riffed with Animation!

Riffing off yesterday’s awesome Domain of One’s Own poster by Michael Branson Smith, ds106 alum Shannon Swanson animates it. Shannon, you are #4life!

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Domain of One’s Own: Weave Your Own Web

Michael Branson Smith took up my call for Domain of One’s Own posters, and his North by Northwest-inspired masterpiece is above. I love it. I am printing out posters of this asap!

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Help me Obi Wan Gifobi

You can’t keep a good GIF assignment down 🙂 This rendition of the “Dancing Jim All Over the World” was inspired by Michael Branson Smith’s “Molly Rocks the Force” (which is pure magic!). And, given my last post, I imagine it’s another … Continue reading

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Reclaim Hosting has a new branding logo

Thanks to Michael Branson Smith, my partner Tim Owens and I  are really sharpening our brand appeal over at Reclaim Hosting.  I think this venture is gonna work! That said, we still need your money (it’s just a short-term loan!) to fund this … Continue reading

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All Moocs and No Play

I couldn’t help but post this GIF, it is the single best commentary on MOOCs I have seen yet! Michael Branson Smith is a GIF master!

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#ds106radio Bumper Stickers

Michael Branson Smith (@nottrivial) has been pumping out the ds106radio bumper stickers, and I can’t wait until they are real, because I am getting them all! See all seven on his blog here. This is a perfect design assignment fro … Continue reading

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