ds106radio panel at Northern Voice

Image credit; Sylvia Currie's "DS106 Radio"

This presentation was entirely unplanned, but luckily Grant Potter had the presence of mind to put together some clips to intersperse throughout. And, to be honest, I was amazed at how well the whole thing went off given the potential for it to crash and burn given the lack of preparation. What carried it was the energy in the room and of the presenters, you can here it in the recording—it is electric! I could say more, but Noise Professor nails it in his tour diary which I excerpted below:

After a short break, it’s time for our #ds106radio4life presentation, and we march in like fucking heroes, like Mardi Gras Indians, like Carnival, ushered in by the clear ringing of silver trumpets, all neon sacred rattles and flower petals and jingle bells, undoubtedly annoying the presenters and audience from the prior session, who haven’t yet vacated the room. @grantpotter and @mikhailg have samples playing, and the room is bubbling with energy as we launch into the presentation, some of us at the front of the room, some of us in the audience. PROTOCOL is mentioned, and I get to say a little bit about it…. the audience is with us and it is beautiful, with @scottlo closing the deal from the Japan. Afterwards there are cheers and hugs and good feelings. We exit the hall, triumphant.

Mardi Gras Indians, indeed, what a blast it was! Here is the recording:

ds106radio presentation at Northern Voice

One regret is that it seems Sylvia Currie was at this presentation and i didn’t get to talk with her (she is responsible for the image above) —what a bummer to come that far and miss

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4 Responses to ds106radio panel at Northern Voice

  1. Alan Levine says:

    I’d say it worked, because unlike many other panels, we know each other’s personality, voice, and rhythyms through our shared experiences– it was just like being on live radio but we were all in the studio together, jamming.

    It was fffffffing great.

  2. Mikhail says:

    What do you mean entirely unplanned? P’shaw. There was coordination and planning to ensure it wouldn’t go more haywire than the audience could bear. There was that minimal amount of structure (protocol, anyone?) to make sure it all stayed together to some extent. You were just out of the loop. 😉

    Seriously, preparation or not, it was a remarkable experience. I am very happy and proud to have been a part of it.

  3. Reverend says:


    The man behind the curtain, fine work brother. And you need a special shoutout for actually getting this proposal in, you ruled—as did Jonah! 🙂

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