DUKE CIT Presentation: “Do you believe in magic?”

Looks like the good folks at Duke University’s Center for Instructional Technology put my presentation “Fragmented Identities: A Domain of One’s Own” up on YouTube. Quite frankly, I was afraid to watch the video because I have fond memories of the talk, and on a partial viewing my fears were confirmed—-I was all over the place, a complete mess really. The one thing I do like about it, however, is just how vernacular my style is. It’s such a long way from the days of presenting my grad school papers, and while it make be dreadfully imprecise and off-the-cuff, I also feel like it is far more intimate and personal—just like so many of these technologies we are trying to think through.

The magic trick comes at the 11:30 mark, and my early discussion of Twitter is kind of fun, although the Twitter stream during my session never really took off. Anyway, here it is, another presentation experiment that was in many ways a failure, but at the same time an attempt.

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  1. Andre Malan says:

    Finding all the Google Calendars on UMW blogs was a stroke of genius! What did you put in the search term?

  2. Andre Malan says:

    Bummer! I was hoping that you could just find them by regular Google by searching for something like:
    “http://www.google.com/calendar/embed” site:umwblogs.org
    but it doesn’t seem like Google provides search over the actual html of the site and since the calendars are put in using iframes there is nothing to search for. This would be so useful if it actually worked!

  3. Jim….great talk, as usual. I really like hearing the natural development of the group/club blogs without any gimmicks to promote them….obviously some pre-conscious promotion techniques you’ve developed.

    I am also going to look for info on all the historical markers in Oberlin and create a similar blog to the one you mentioned….and try to re-create the “master calendar” just to spite google.

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