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Reclaim Today: Jolie Tingen Talks Kits

028: Jolie Tingen Talks Kits At the end of January I had the distinct pleasure of chatting with Jolie Tingen about Duke University’s unique project Kits for episode 28 of Reclaim Today. I am intrigued by this project because Kits … Continue reading

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What I like about Duke

Image credit: Duke Yearlook’s “General Library” Seeing Duke University’s Center for Instructional Technology’s (CIT) Showcase emerge in my twitter stream today (hashtag #cit2010) made me nostalgic for my time there last year. And when I injected my two cents into the … Continue reading

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DUKE CIT Presentation: “Do you believe in magic?”

Looks like the good folks at Duke University’s Center for Instructional Technology put my presentation “Fragmented Identities: A Domain of One’s Own” up on YouTube. Quite frankly, I was afraid to watch the video because I have fond memories of … Continue reading

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University of Virginia and WPMu? Wahoo!

In September of 2007 Steve Stedman invited Patrick and I to UVA to talk about the work we were doing with WPMu and UMW Blogs. It was somewhat difficult to get folks to meet with us, and we really didn’t … Continue reading

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Duke University’s CIT Showcase, 2009

I’ll be posting the video and some more commentary of the “Magic Trick Talk” I did last week at Duke when it’s available, although I’m a bit nervous about it because I am under the illusion the talk went well … Continue reading

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