EDUPUNK professor may face jail time for translating Derrida

Martin Santos just brought this to my attention.

To quote boingboing:

Horacio Potel, an Argentine philosophy professor at Universidad Nacional de Lanús,, faces criminal charges — and possible jail time — for posting unofficial translations of seminal Jacques Derrida texts to his site where his students could see them. Most of these texts were out of print, or had never been translated. Now a publisher is bringing a few of these books into Argentina, and they’re trying to get this prof imprisoned for supporting Derrida while he was unavailable.

El turno de los profesores, prisión por subir obras protegidas a Internet (Thanks, Carolina!)

Now tell me there ain’t a war going on.

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One Response to EDUPUNK professor may face jail time for translating Derrida

  1. Christopher says:

    Not knowing the IP laws in Argentina, I thought if there was not a version available in your language, you could translate/digitize it and distribute it without fear of reprisal? Hmmm… I smell a rat.

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