Leave me alone, I’m a family man, and if you push me too far I just might….

The I Love this World blog delivers the goods again, this time through the Hall & Oates music video for “Family Man.” After watching this video I kind of understand the current dangers of the rising amateur culture. With the very serious questions looming about how people can both make a living and nourish their creative and critical potential, I now understand my nostalgia for the 1980s. I mean what a time to be living, the clothing, the hair styles, and kickass music like this—not to mention that someone actually got paid to make this video. How awesome is that? You could never get away with this in our dire times, the amateurs are running the asylum, and we are all doomed to living poor and fulfilling lives.

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7 Responses to Leave me alone, I’m a family man, and if you push me too far I just might….

  1. Cole says:

    Perhaps the difference here is that the music is the “pro” content and the video is just window dressing? Maybe these guys knew something that we are now only rediscovering — stick to what you are good at and fake your way through the rest. And yes, I said Hall and Oates are pros at music … I loved the 80s too!

  2. Ed Webb says:

    Remember all the excitement over Aha’s Take On Me video? Back then, most videos looked like this ^ and Aha was daringly edgy and creative. Then again, Queen’s Bo Rap had set a standard that no-one even tried to match for an age.

    Love the neo-rockabilly hair on the kids at the end.

  3. Brian says:

    Can’t resist linking to the great back alley songwriting duel:


  4. Reverend says:

    See Brian’s video link–now there’s a good video, with some awesome music as well 🙂

    The hair makes the video, and I’m kind with Cole, I often think of this song when I am wrestling down my two kids, what strikes me as odd about the video though is it seems it’s about a dude who might just have an affair or walk out—here t is simply about a dude who might go to the hairdresser with his family. I would lose this this subtle interpretation of the song without the video.

    Where do you find this shit, that is the funniest thing I ever saw. And I had no idea Oates was such a king-fu bad ass. Yacht Rock! IS that a term that comes from the cheesy compilation cassettes in the late 80s? Brilliant!

  5. Ed Webb says:

    Brian, that’s beautiful, man. The raw power of really smooth music.

    Also, never forget that librarians wanna have fun: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DPhM7JbsgxU

  6. Brian says:

    You bastard, I hadn’t thought of this song in decades, and it’s been stuck in my head since I read your post.

    Yacht Rock is some of my favorite comedy of the past few years, brilliant concept, some amazing lines. I recommend starting at the beginning (which means scrolling to the bottom of the page):


    The first five episodes are sheer brilliance. After that it’s hit and miss…

  7. Cole says:

    @Brain … that Yacht Rock is unreal! Can’t stop watching … damn, that’s some good stuff!

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