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This is a re-blog of Mario Núñez-Molina’s post that points to a plugin called cets_EmbedRSS that allows you to embed an RSS feed into a post or page in WordPress (and WPMu) easily (and easily is the key here because the aggr plugin does something like this already).  It puts an RSS icon in the TinyMCE editor, and from there it’s simply copy, paste and configure a feed. I have it loaded on the bava, so let’s give it a whirl:

[cetsEmbedRSS id=’http://film.umwblogs.org/feed’ itemcount=’5′ itemauthor=’1′ itemdate=’1′ itemcontent=’1′]

Very, very, very cool!!!

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5 Responses to Embed RSS Plugin for WordPress

  1. that’s seriously sweet! looks like it chokes on Flickr feeds, but this looks like a very valuable course-blogging tool. Thanks for pointing it out, Jim!

  2. Joss Winn says:

    Brilliant. Thanks for pointing to this. I’d been using the ‘inlinefeed’ plugin but it kept breaking for no good reason.

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