Exclusive US release on the bava: TINS “Spaceland”

Here’s a first for the bava, I get to introduce the Western hemisphere to a kickass band from Trento, Italia: TINS (a.k.a Tourists in Sunderland). “What the hell are you doing pushing music you philistine?!” you ask accusingly. “You’re a b-movie junkie, stick to what you know!” Calm down, Hoss, my special lady friend just happens to have been born and raised in Trento, Italy and spent the first 30 years of her life eating Gorgonzola cheese. And, as it happens, this video was co-created by her dear friend, talented filmmaker, and all around cool cat Andrea Andreotti. As soon as I saw the video it blew me away, Andrea’s recent foray into the cut and paste aesthetic is really compelling. Not only does it introduce a visually rich and colorful outer space landscape a la Mario Bava’s Planet of the Vampires, but it also imagines Elvis and Marilyn Monroe in space—a side of these cut-out icons we seldom see. There’s also a wide-range of fun film references throughout, Salesman on the TV being a personal favorite.

What’s more, the song “Spaceland” by TINS is a circularly seductive tune. It pulls you into its rhythm, and it quickly gets hard to bring yourself out of their gravitational beats. All this from an English-singing Italian band that has no label and is simply producing their songs at home on a Mac. I love it! Anyway, enjoy both the song and the video as one, and just remember who brought it to you first when these cats becomes rich and famous…wait…that’s not how music works anymore, is it?

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  1. Ed Webb says:

    That’s rather good. More, please.

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