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CogDog Your Leash is Too Long

I know CogDog was certain I wouldn’t be quiet for too long, especially after this libel. And who am I to disappoint expectations, so chew on this you old dog. Warning, following audio may not be safe for work 🙂 … Continue reading

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Exclusive US release on the bava: TINS “Spaceland”

Here’s a first for the bava, I get to introduce the Western hemisphere to a kickass band from Trento, Italia: TINS (a.k.a Tourists in Sunderland). “What the hell are you doing pushing music you philistine?!” you ask accusingly. “You’re a … Continue reading

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Twitter Country

Randy Thornton, proprietor of the Metamedia blog, rocks! He recently wrote and performed his own song about Twitter called “Still tweeting 4U”. I love this kinda stuff—this is who we are, damn it! It may be a country song, but … Continue reading

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