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Sunday in the Mountains

I’ve been in Italy with my family for almost 5 months now. The time has flown by, probably because we’ve been having a blast. I’m really starting to get settled into my life here. In fact, pretty soon it might … Continue reading

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Reclaiming Europe

Image credit: Don McCullough‘s “Barcelona” I’m sitting in the Toronto Airport right now waiting for a plane to Barcelona, Spain for the European and Distance E-Learning Network (EDEN) conference this week. This will be my first time presenting in Europe, and … Continue reading

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Exclusive US release on the bava: TINS “Spaceland”

Here’s a first for the bava, I get to introduce the Western hemisphere to a kickass band from Trento, Italia: TINS (a.k.a Tourists in Sunderland). “What the hell are you doing pushing music you philistine?!” you ask accusingly. “You’re a … Continue reading

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What does bava mean?

Shelley recently asked me a simple question, “What does bava mean?” It’s a fair question and I thought it might actually be helpful to spell it out a bit for my customers readers dear friends. Well, there are many meanings … Continue reading

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I have been judged!

That damn Judges has posted a Lucio Battisti video before me, how good is he? So to teach that meddling kid a lesson, the bava gives you 3x the Judges. And I’ll one up Judges by throwing in a classic … Continue reading

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Antonioni’s L’eclisse

I had a pretty unbelievable experience the other night watching the late, great Michelangelo Antonioni’s L’eclisse (1962). I’m not sure how to explain this film, for the actual narrative itself is rather empty. Yet, it becomes immediately clear not five … Continue reading

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Carosello: An Italian TV Tradition

One of things I have noticed is that when hanging with a group of friends sooner or later the conversation turns to our mediated lives through television. Without fail, if the company is worth its salt, memories of Larry from … Continue reading

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Homework: Italia 201

So I have literally taken my work home with me this evening. Antonella (my special lady friend) is teaching two Italian courses at UMW this semester, and we have been sparring about the whole UMW Blogs thing and how it … Continue reading

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