Flickr Set Slideshow, featuring the Red Scare!

For a while now I have longingly watched Darcy Norman include Flickr sets in his blog posts. My urge to finally scratch this itch was further prompted by the fact that I recently bucked-up and became a proud Flickr Pro account holder. So last night I was thinking, “Hey, maybe I could find a quick tool for WordPress to make this happen and be as cool as them Canadians.” What I discovered in the meantime might just make me twice as cool. (You’ll note, however, that Darcy Norman commented on the following tutorial over a year ago – damn I’m slow.) Paul Stamitiou posted a quickie tutorial on how to include a slideshow of images from Flickr in a blog post or page. This code allows you to include images by tag, sets, date, etc. – it is very vesatile, and above all I think it works with just about any blogging system or html encoded page. Very cool. I would also like to say the Paul Stamitou is my new found guru of online tutorials, his K2 series is to die for. In my recent searches for tutorials for everything from Azureus to K2, Paul’s work floats to the top. His cool, calm and collected tone makes me wanna rethink my mad ravings all together. Thanks for all the hard work Paul, you make it all so easy.

But now for the goods:

The one thing I would love to be able to do is prevent the slideshow from automatically starting – Patrick noted that this needed to be done in thr Flickr API -any ideas out there?

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2 Responses to Flickr Set Slideshow, featuring the Red Scare!

  1. Mikhail says:

    Hey, tutorial boy. You made Abject Learning today in the Furl links for 9/18. The big time!!!! Congrats.

  2. jimgroom says:

    Hey, they don’t call me “Jimmy Big Time” (or was it Jimmy Two Times) for nothing; I just got a new avocado-colored el dorado and like picasso I was never called an …

    Thanks, Mikhail.

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