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Alta Via Day 3 Or, the High Plains Drifters

I wrote this post on August 7th, the evening following a magical third day of our hike through the Dolemites. You can read the post about day 1 here and day 2 here. I was able to write three posts … Continue reading

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My Instagram Problem

Hi, my name is bava, and I have an Instagram problem.  I never planned to get on Instagram, and I was even less inclined to enjoy it. But 616 posts and 18 months later I’m realizing I am deeper in … Continue reading

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Down South New Zealand

Picking up on my previous post about our vacation to New Zealand, I wanted to finish up my reflections on this amazing trip with some images and brief thoughts on the South Island. Firstly, everyone we talked to when preparing … Continue reading

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A Blue Saturday in Trento

Yesterday morning I went on a walk in downtown Trento with Antonella and Tess to do some shopping and pick up and overdue bicycle. The weather had been pretty brutal here the previous 5 days or so, so a pure blue … Continue reading

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Sunday in the Mountains

I’ve been in Italy with my family for almost 5 months now. The time has flown by, probably because we’ve been having a blast. I’m really starting to get settled into my life here. In fact, pretty soon it might … Continue reading

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A funny thing happened on the way to preschool

I’ve taken this week off to work on my upstairs bathroom and generally get ready for Halloween. Historically this has been the busiest week in our house with three young kids, as many costumes and parties, and a ton of … Continue reading

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Technology is a friend to education….

Nothing can make your day like finding yourself the subject of a Noise Professor photoshop. And while I may not be as serene as the great Infocult with a flamethrower in my hands, it certainly helps relieve the tension. Thanks … Continue reading

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Flickr Feed Gallery: A Quick Hack for DS106

All images courtesy of various DS106 Internauts. Image credit: spur_dotz’s “Ash and Ichabod” Thursday night’s class started in one direction and ended up in a whole ‘nother one. It was pretty fun, well, at least for me. I was planning … Continue reading

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Adventures in Stormtrooping

I have to say that this series by Greg Easton Photography that visually narrates the adventures of Stormtroopers using the Star Wars action figures is hysterical and pretty amazing. Though my favorite is this one, with the “Nuke Canada” arcade … Continue reading

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Smarthistory re-imagines the textbook

Beth Harris and Steve Zucker’s smarthistory is an exciting effort to re-imagine expensive Art History textbooks as open (as in free) web-based resources—with a Creative Commons share-alike license to boot. From what I understand from the original site designer, Joe … Continue reading

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