Gordian GIFs

Yesterday I refinished yet another old gold sash window in casa bava. The work is in preparation for larger changes, but more on that in another post. For now I just want to point out that Animated Knots might be my favorite and most practical use of image animation online I’ve seen to date. The weights that anchor the pulley system for the sash windows need to be tied on with a bowline knot, something I can never remember how to tie. Luckily the web has Animated Knots!

It’s an awesome site, although it ironically doesn’t use GIFs, rather videos and images that can be timed or moused over. It’s a brilliantly conceived site, and I love the idea of imagining such an eminently practical use of animation, something that often seems thrown away on pop culture-inspired hipster navel-gazing for entertainment on Tumblr. GET OFF MY BLOG, HIPPIES!

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