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It’s Father’s Day, and I want my cake!

In Italy Father’s Day is recognized on St.Joseph’s saint day, which is today. And I have to say given Joseph’s role in Jesus’s birth, there’s a strange subtext to the day here 🙂 Anyway, I spend much of both the … Continue reading

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Domains 17 Spinning Closer

We have all of our sessions in for the Domains 17 conference, and we’ll be meeting next week to get a preview of the sessions online, as well as more details about Martha Burtis’s keynote. It’s time to starting getting folks … Continue reading

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Hi Score

This is a screenshot of my recent hi score on Asteroids for Atari 2600. It’s really a pretty simple game, so this score is really not an accomplishment. Now if I actually finish Raiders of the Lost Ark for Atari … Continue reading

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Gordian GIFs

Yesterday I refinished yet another old gold sash window in casa bava. The work is in preparation for larger changes, but more on that in another post. For now I just want to point out that Animated Knots might be my favorite and … Continue reading

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Making GIFs with IMGUR

I’m not really good enough at making GIFs to be a snob, but for the last four years I’ve pushed the process of making GIFs with a combination of a lightweight video editing tool like MPEG Streamclip to edit and export … Continue reading

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Mark it Zero

Spencer Scott has been en fuego with all things ds106 this semester. I could feature so many of his assignments, such as his Solo Voice Trio or his Noir We There Yet? bumper sticker. He performed his own musical commercial for Demarco’s Fedoras—keeping … Continue reading

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Nerd Approved

The Nerd Approved blog has featured an old gold animated GIF movie poster I created for the ds106 animated movie posters assignment back in January 2012. It’s fun to see stuff I created for ds106 get featured on other sites. I’m also glad … Continue reading

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The Academic GIF

I wrote several months ago about the experience of working alongside UMW’s Chinese History scholar Sue Fernsebner to start imagining how she might integrate animated GIFs into a curriculum centered around film analysis. I tongue-and-cheek referred to it as GIFiculum, or GIF … Continue reading

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Spinning in Piazza Dante in Trento

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GIF it Up for the 80s

A Goodfellas GIF to snort about!

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