Gursky World (2002)

That just in from UBUWEB:

99 cent

In the first programme of a major new arts strand, Ben Lewis’s amusing odyssey delves into the world of the planet’s most influential photographer, Andreas Gursky. Trying to find out what makes Gursky tick, Lewis’s bizarre journey takes him on an adventure from Reading to Dusseldorf. When he meets finally his hero, he gains a fuller understanding of what it means to live in a ‘Gursky World’.

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3 Responses to Gursky World (2002)

  1. the video looks interesting. that’s a lot of money for a single photo – did he burn the RAW file too?

    the embedded .mp4 borks saying the file is missing, but the link to UBUWorld works. any ideas?

    • Reverend says:

      My bad, the link was malformed, I fixed it and directed it to the flv file, much better. I actually liked the film because the tone was unclear. I wasn’t sure whether it was a poke at Gursky or not, but I found Gursky really compelling towards the end, and the idea of his photographs as an anthropology of the information world fascinating. This idea of flat surfaces and mass collectives. Gursky’s work is often associated with a kind of post-modern sensibility of surfaces, and I think it is there to some degree, but it is wild to hear him talk about the aesthetic and the philosophy. It is also wild that to create your own Gursky is a kind of wild space for the reproduction and amateur art that an aesthetic like his invite. It was educational for me 🙂

  2. Nathan Rein says:

    Wow, great little documentary. Gursky comes across looking like a “nice chap” after all, as Lewis puts it. I’ll never get that ridiculous song out of my head now, though.

    Next you’ve got to dig up something good on Gursky’s teachers, Bernd and Hilla Becher.

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