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PeerTube, Sonic Outlaws, and UbuWeb

https://twitter.com/ubuweb/status/1370825664258056192 Over a week ago Tim got a one-click installer working on Reclaim Cloud for PeerTube. He got the details up on the Reclaim Hosting Community site already, so you can read more there. Getting one-click installers working for a … Continue reading

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UbuWeb is Free

A 1986 conversation about art and the Amgia with Andy Warhol, from Amiga World magazine [PDF, 2mb]: is.gd/ZdBWiV — UbuWeb (@ubuweb) January 9, 2013 Today I followed a link from UbuWeb’s twitter account (as I usually do) to this 1986 article in Amiga … Continue reading

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Godard shilling for Schick

The ever brilliant UbuWeb just tweeted out a link to a Jean-Luc Goddard commercial for Schick aftershave from 1971. I’m embedding the YouTube version above because the UbuWeb version has no clean embed option I can see. What’s more, the … Continue reading

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Guy Debord’s “Society of the Spectacle”

Ubuweb has been on a serious tear recently, and I love their twitter feed cause I get to see those gems as they roll out. Is there any better resources on the web for 20th century avant-garde art than ubuweb? … Continue reading

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“Parade” by People Like Us

Another gem from the RSS reader from Ubuweb: People Like Us (Vicki Bennett) | U.K. Back to People Like Us in UbuWeb Film Parade (2009) A word from the artist… While viewing and sourcing content from the Great North Run … Continue reading

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Derek Jarman’s Wittgenstein on UbuWeb

Just found Derek Jarman’s Wittgenstein (1993) on UbuWeb, what a gem of a film this one is. And what’s more, I just realized UbuWeb now has an embed option for their films—thanks to the new and improved version of the JW … Continue reading

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Kathy Acker on Ubuweb

My Ubuweb feed just brought forth another little treasure, this time Kathy Acker reading excerpts from her book My Mother: Demonology (1994) which is set to music and titled Redoing Childhood. This album was released by Kill Rock Stars after … Continue reading

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Gursky World (2002)

That just in from UBUWEB: In the first programme of a major new arts strand, Ben Lewis’s amusing odyssey delves into the world of the planet’s most influential photographer, Andreas Gursky. Trying to find out what makes Gursky tick, Lewis’s … Continue reading

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NY, NY: A Day in NY (1957)

From the UBUWEB feed of plenty I just happened upon this short film by Francis Thompson, which might be what The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (1920) would have looked like if it was filmed in Manhattan in 1957. Or, as … Continue reading

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I like crazy

Re-posted from UBUWEB’s Outsiders thanks to the Assorted Street Posters archive.

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