JumpCut or The Mask of Satan

I have been playing around with a new Web 2.0 technology called jumpcut, and do not be misled by my post title, I actually really like it! The application allows you to upload videos, audio, and images (there is even a hook directly into Facebook and Flickr ), then quickly remix, edit and synchronize your selected files. The upload feature is quite nice because it allows you to upload several files at once. Additionally, the interface for editing is really quite simple. It reminds me of an online version of imovie, powerful within limits and quite intuitive. It publishes the video as an flv file, at least I think it does.

I took it for a spin this morning (my first day back from a three week paternity leave) to see if it has any legs. Below is the project (crude and simple, I know) that I made in about half an hour, after collecting the raw materials from flickr. Some features are that it allows you to publish your video privately, publically, while also giving you the option to let others edit and remix your video. Pretty cool.

jumpcut movie:Mask of Satan

Disclaimer: this film is not intended to represent any figures living or undead, and is by no means a political statement of any kind 😉 Having said that, have fun …Please note that the link is directly from my mashed-up video which is stored on the jumpcut servers, the video may be a bit slow -but this is all in the spirit of testing it out!

Update: After trying to embed the video in my blog and breaking my site once or twice, I will have to settle for a thumbnailed link (which jumpcut provides the code for) until I work through the embedding issues.

Latest Update: Thanks to Ramin the video is embedded, you will have to turn off the html editor in wordpress because it seems to confuse the embed code.

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6 Responses to JumpCut or The Mask of Satan

  1. Ramin K says:

    WordPress seems to have issues embedding our code to call to the flash player. We’ve found that we need to turn all HTML off within the WordPress editor when creating a post to get around the problem. I suspect that the default HTML WordPress generates is eating the embed code in some way.


  2. jimgroom says:

    Wow, what a quick and pointed response. I’ll try disabling the rich text editor now. Impressive! Thanks Ramin.

  3. jimgroom says:


    You’re the king of sting. It worked, thanks and behold the power of jumpcut!

  4. Ramin K says:

    No problem. We use WordPress for our blog and have seen the same behavior. Hmmm I suppose I should actually write this up in our help blog. 🙂


  5. jimgroom says:

    A wild feature here is that I have made this video public, making it viewable and editable by anyone. If you click the edit buton you can help me make this video better. Are we talking distributed and collaborative film editing here? Very interesting potential, however the server speed is quite slow and there are no downloads available just yet -so for now your video stays up oon jumpcut’s server. We’ll see what happens here, but I must say the community is robust, I have already gotten 3 comments oon my video and two on my blog! Also, yahoo just purchased jumpcut so this may be flickr’s video sibling.

  6. jimgroom says:

    In fact, the video loads much faster from home than it did at work. It was like lightening compared to the lagg I was getting earlier, which may say more about UMW’s wireless network than finalcut. is anyone out there having major lagg on this video?

    I keep coming back to jumpcut because I think the idea of distributed video production, publication, and remixing all from a browser is a really powerful tool. Anyway, that’s all for this one, at least for now:)

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