Karaoke Fridays on #ds106radio

Image credit: “Karaoke Time” by Sarah Sosiak

When I jumped on #d106radio Friday night Timmmmyboy had started doing some Friday Night Karaoke on the mighty and I couldn’t resist—and I wasn’t alone. And while my karaoke songs were god awful, this may be the hardest I have laughed in years, the magic that is ds106radio cannot be denied, no matter how bad it sounds.

Men at Work’s “Down Under” as performed by the bava

or try

Midnight HourOil’s “Beds are Burning” as performed by the bava

What’s remarkable is that karaoke is simple with Mikhail’s setup here, and I can’t communicate to you just how insanely fun it is to do, not necessarily to listen to.

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10 Responses to Karaoke Fridays on #ds106radio

  1. Tim Owens says:

    It was way too much fun! I don’t think I realized going into it just how many karaoke rips complete with timed lyrics there are on YouTube. I was using Ladiocast and I really need to blog about that for other ds106ers (hold all my calls) because it’s so dead simple, free, and it’s perfect for handling multiple inputs with level control. We will do this again.

  2. rowan_peter says:

    The ‘it’s more fun to do, than listen to’ is one of karaoke’s many charms. I love how anyone can completely ruin a great song for entertainment!

    I don’t want to be nerdy-nit-picker, but ‘Beds are burning’ is a Midnight Oil song. 😉

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  4. Reverend says:

    That was a panic, I’d do it again in a heartbeat, and I have a few tune lined up and I have been practicing all week 🙂

    All my tunes were in honor of your homeland, save the Toto and Barry Manilow, but when I write posts in the Midnight hour, I tend to confuse names 🙂 You gotta get on this, I am really hoping to reconnect on ds106radio, and hope the newly formed family is doing well.

  5. Todd Conaway says:

    Last Friday evening I was sitting in the living room laughing to the wildest rendition of a Men at Work song I have ever heard or ever hope to hear. In the room with me were were my kids playing a card game, my wife and mother-in-law quietly reading. Thank goodness for headphones!

    Jim Groom (and other keraoke singers) you clearly love what you do, and it is a joy to watch. Listening, well… I guess that is pretty fun too!

  6. rowan_peter says:

    I’ll do what I can to BE THERE for Karaoke Fridays on #ds106radio. If I don’t get a chance to get on the mic, I’ll be following the Twitter stream and tuning in via #ds106radio. Looking forward to hearing what artists you pay tribute to this week!

  7. rowan_peter says:


    I’ve got a phone call for you. Should I tell them you’re too busy blogging?

  8. Tim Owens says:


    Is it Donnie Deutsch? If so put him through, if not, please let them know I’m blogging and I’ll get back to them as soon a…you know what, put them through.

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