Kung Fu Zombies

Check out this clip from Kung Fu from Beyond the Grave (1982), between the terrible dubbing, ridiculous effects, and zombies vs. Dracula “action,” it is simply impossible not to love it:

Thanks to the great Daily inTune series, it comes highly recommended, a song a day from a wide and varied range of crazy influences.

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4 Responses to Kung Fu Zombies

  1. Brad says:

    Do you realize how many new hip kitsch markets this plays into? Vampires (my least favorite; thanks a lot Twilight & HBO), zombies, kung-fu (Wu-Tang’s most lasting contribution to the inimitable market of hip), bad eighties flicks. It’s all here, in a clean little package. Glad you enjoyed it.

  2. Mike Bogle says:

    Dude… How many genres can you possibly throw into a single movie.

    All that was missing was the dance sequence and the cowboy riding off into the sunset.

  3. Even laser effects from an ancient artifact . . Oh my!

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