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Summer of Love: Don’t Dance her Down

I love The Fiery Furnaces “Don’t Dance Her Down” tune which I discovered via Brad Efford. Which in turn reminds me of how much I loved Brad’s Daily inTune posts, as well as his Play-List experiment on UMW Blogs. In … Continue reading

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The Play-List

Brad Efford is playing again on UMW Blogs, and I have to admit I’m greatly indebted to him because he is constantly experimenting with this space. He is unbelievably thoughtful about the medium, and what I think most deeply interests … Continue reading

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Kung Fu Zombies

Check out this clip from Kung Fu from Beyond the Grave (1982), between the terrible dubbing, ridiculous effects, and zombies vs. Dracula “action,” it is simply impossible not to love it: Thanks to the great

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The un-education of a technologist

Brian Lamb graciously let me tag along for a publication he was asked to do for the Spanish journal Revista de Universidad y Sociedad del Conocimiento (RUSC), and without hesitation I jumped aboard. I may have ultimately been more hindrance … Continue reading

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Damn kids these days…

One of the greatest plagues of the educational blogosphere is the whole idea of labeling generations of learners in these pre-fabricated categories of millennials, digital natives, immigrants, NetGens, or what have you. Now I have no more evidence that these … Continue reading

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