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Natural Bridge Wax Museum: Old Wives Tales

About two weeks ago my family and I went to the Natural Bridge Wax Museum, and it may have been one of the trippiest places I have been to in this crazy ass state as of yet. I mean the … Continue reading

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That’s so gay!

I was watching a collection of 1970s cartoons recently with the maniacs, and when we got to a 1977 episode of Batman and Robin titled “The Pest.” I was pretty struck by the homoerotic undertones overtones.  Now, my time as … Continue reading

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Your friendly internet Spider-man

From Jerry at Cartoon Brew: Marvel.com is posting the entire series of the 1967 ABC Spider-man Saturday morning cartoon show, one episode per week (each Thursday) on their site. It’s amazing that talents like John Dunn and Herman Cohen worked … Continue reading

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Leave me alone, I’m a family man, and if you push me too far I just might….

The I Love this World blog delivers the goods again, this time through the Hall & Oates music video for “Family Man.” After watching this video I kind of understand the current dangers of the rising amateur culture. With the … Continue reading

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