Mail Suppression

No, the other mail suppression! You see, if I was a better blogger and a funnier person I would write extended similes like Martin Weller in his “Your social media choices, as 70s disco tracks,” making him the undisputed John Milton of edtech analogies, but alas this is a b-blog.

This is yet another niche post that will hopefully remind me of how I’m running my infrastructure once I inevitably forget everything. Namely, I’m forwarding my email so that I can send from multiple emails domains from my main Gmail account. The issue was a colleague was not receiving any of my emails on the address, but could from my I found time to start tracking the issue down, and realized I was running the forward for my email through Mailgun and there were quite a few more send failures for that domain than the rest.

There were 9 “suppressed” messages over the last month, and after looking in the Suppressions tab all of the recent occasions are to this one user. Seems like Mailgun started suppressing this address given an issue that is still not clear to me. Luckily it was an easy fix, I could delete the suppressions and emails starting working again, but this is not something I would have known about if I hadn’t discovered it while poking around. Email troubleshooting still haunts me.

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