Movie Trading Cards—now with animation!

The Thing Trading Cards: FlamethrowerInspired by the Sno-Cat movie trading card for The Shining (updated link), I started messing around with how I could do this in GIMP. While playing I started to think, why can’t we animate the movie scenes? A few hours later I figured it out and I’m currently working on a tutorial—I already submitted a new assignment for this in the Animated GIF category. There are a few things I need to clean up, like adding the trademark information below the Flamethrower title and making the card look a bit worn. Above is my first experiment with one of my all-time favorite films The Thing (1982)—and if you know the film you know how important the flamethrower truly is!

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5 Responses to Movie Trading Cards—now with animation!

  1. Alan Levine says:

    Never leave home without one! Love it. Maybe some sort of points or magic token icons could go on the card edge?

  2. Brian Short says:

    Totally rad… What would the back look like? Or is it one of those things that you need a thin sheet of red plastic to see the ratings, like on old Transformers? I’m just spitballing, it’s not all gonna be gold.

  3. Paul says:

    mbransons’ Dirty Dozen ( would be perfect for this. Collect all 12!

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  5. Reverend says:

    I need to look at the old scans of those Star Wars classic trading cards to get those details worked out.

    Something like this:
    I was thinking of the back as a two paragraph interpretation of the significance of the scene. Might be fun.


    I agree, Branson;s stuff would play into this nicely, his recent Tector GIF for Wild Bunch would be a layup for featuring The Wild Bunch.

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