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ds106 Zone Animated Trading Cards: The Invaders

Inspired by Andy Forgrave—as I so regularly have been recently—I tried my hand at an animated ds106zone trading card. I cooked up a quick 4 star example of the animated movie trading card assignment for the beginning of many ds106zone trading … Continue reading

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The Dead Zone Trading Cards: The Hockey Game Vision

Just finished up my Animated Movie Trading Cards tutorial, and I figured I’d share my most recent creation that was made alongside documenting the tutorial. It’s inspired by the mad genius of David Cronenberg’s early films. This is one of … Continue reading

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Movie Trading Cards—now with animation!

Inspired by the Sno-Cat movie trading card for The Shining (updated link), I started messing around with how I could do this in GIMP. While playing I started to think, why can’t we animate the movie scenes? A few hours later … Continue reading

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Tumbling through The Shining

There is this…. From which this was born… And then there is this… Which I already turned into a ds106 design assignment here. Have I mentioned how much I love my Tumblr these days? And in no small part because I … Continue reading

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