Natural Bridge Wax Museum: Old Wives Tales

About two weeks ago my family and I went to the Natural Bridge Wax Museum, and it may have been one of the trippiest places I have been to in this crazy ass state as of yet. I mean the history of old school Virginia as told through wax museum dioramas circa the 1950s provides a uniquely popular, and at times deeply troubling, vision of the history of the Southland. Nonetheless,the dioramas make up a remarkable time capsule of popular history, and the the actual material representations of these ideas of history narrated by a reassuring male voice of the 50s joking about a woman’s choice between being a wife and a slave brings the whole thing into some kind of bizarre focus. I have to believe someone has written about this place already—it’s just too crazy for it to have been overlooked. But at the risk of being repetitive—and in an attempt to blog regularly these days as I put together my toy videos—I’ll actually share out the videos I took in the Natural Bridge Wax Museum over the next couple of days. They are wild, but also some of them make for quite effective amateur videos, the setting of the wax museum was perfect in my opinion, and if a better videographer were to capture this, it could be gorgeous. As for the ideas the wax museum is purporting , I’m not sure what to say.

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