The Twin Suns of Tatooine

Enjoy Eric Power’s brilliant paper-based retelling of the only Star Wars trilogy in two minutes put to the mellifluous sounds of Jeremy Messersmith’s song “Tatooine” —the combination of which may be the greatest thing I’ve yet to see on the interent (even rivaling the great Yacht Rock series). This video will be the highlight for the section of my class on fan art and the internet. Thanks to the great Chris Lott for passing it along.

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2 Responses to The Twin Suns of Tatooine

  1. I watched this on Yahoo, and I found the music to be one of the most satisfying pieces I heard in a while. I also like the art direction, paper is cool.

  2. Grant Potter says:

    Awesome – hoping this opens the door to a spate of Star Wars themed ballads.

    My suggested topic:

    1. Han Shot First – a cantina cowpunk rocker a la Huevos Rancheros

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