Ohhhhhhhhh Canada!

It’s been official for a couple of days now, I am going to Northern Voice. I have been relatively quiet because I have had to do some fancy footwork to make the arrangements, for I really didn’t believe my half-baked post would result in the fame and fortune I am now faced with. I’d like to thank all the kind folks at Northern Voice for taking my post in good fun and offering me an unbelievably cool opportunity. In particular, thanks go to Brian and Cyprien for encouraging me to apply. Also, thanks go to the folks at UMW, particularly Martha Burtis and Chip German, for aiding and abetting a known blogging outlaw. Seems like I won’t be sleeping in the MacKenzie brothers’ beer van after all! Although, even if I didn’t get all this support, I had another plan that I was dreaming up -take a look at the video below to see my inspiration.

Update: after reading this published post it sounds like I am recieving an academy award, I love how nuts I have become.
I am all fired up!

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9 Responses to Ohhhhhhhhh Canada!

  1. Alan says:

    I am reeking jealousy all the way from Arizona, wish I could go this year. You will have an awesome time, definitely you will feel “at home”.


  2. Steve says:

    That’s great news. I wish I was joining you.

  3. Matt says:

    Congrats, Jim!

  4. very cool, Jim. Looking forward to meeting you in person!

  5. jimgroom says:

    @Alan -After talking about Northern Voice with you late night in the hotel lobby was the beginning of my application process. So thanks.

    @ Darcy -You have no idea how forward I am looking to meeting you. Boy do I have a lot to pick your brain about. Just started a working through framing a student generated literary journal using Drupal, and this sucker could use some expertise of your caliber! Also, stop blogging so much, your making everyone else look bad!

    @Matt & Steve- gracias amigos!

  6. Brian says:

    NV will be better cuz you’ll be here. Thanks to Alan, Martha, and Chip for their support.

    Ahhh, Strange Brew, the Canadian Hamlet. That may seem hyperbolic to those who haven’t seen the film, or who missed the reference to Elsinore Beer in the clip you share.

  7. Gardner says:

    Lotsa spirit support here, brother. I’m really happy for you and PEA GREEN WITH ENVY, just for the record.

    Come back victorious or on your shield! And remember … it’s a cookbook. 🙂

  8. Mikhail says:

    Dude, you’re totally going to defect.

  9. jimgroom says:

    Shucks, thanks [blush]… OK, enough of that -let’s go catch us a Kodiak!

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