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Reclaim Open’s Unconference

With just a little over two months before Reclaim Open happens I’m thankful we had the forethought to add a day before the official event to host an unconference. My first event of this kind was back in 2007 at … Continue reading

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Out of Print: Building a Digital Environment for Teaching, Learning, and Scholarship

D’Arcy Norman and I co-presented at the Open Education Conference last year, and I recently had the opportunity to re-watch our talk thanks to the good folks at COSL that both recorded the sessions and put them up on Google … Continue reading

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Northern Voice Postscript

I got home about eight hours ago from a two-day traveling saga. While I am glad to be back, things are not the same for me on many levels. Ideas of commitment, integrity, and the political nature of the work … Continue reading

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Building Rich Communities with Wikis

Stewart Mader and John Willinsky separately discussed how we imagine the wiki in new and powerful ways. Stewart Mader did an excellent job of giving an overview of re-conceptualizing the wiki space as a collaborative, distributed publishing platform, while John … Continue reading

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Social Software for Learning Environments

D’Arcy Norman, Chris Lott, Sylvia Currie, and Jon Beasley-Murray combined forces examining a wide array of issues facing the integration of social software into the learning environment. At the core of these various discussions was the enigma of community -what … Continue reading

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Chris Lott’s Brain -a great place to be!

Chris Lott‘s has been gracious enough to let us into his brain. Here are three questions he is working through now: 1. radically increasing bandwidth, processing, and storage capacity 2. changing student demographics because of access to that technology and … Continue reading

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The wiki has been made a blog… story at 11!

All I am gonna say right now is that John Maxwell, presenter of “designing a smarter wiki” (see his notes in the Northern Voice wiki) has effectively married the wiki and the blog. Amazing stuff, check this out: is it … Continue reading

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So close, but so far?: Mashups, RSS, and chasing the eduglu dream

Beware Sucka: this is a collection of notes, ideas, and brief reflections -so sense and cohesion is not the common denominator here (I guess kinda par for the course) First session at Northern Voice 2007 I attended was Mashup for … Continue reading

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Northern Voice: here I come, baby!!!

I am getting really, really fired up now. I am in the Richmond, VA airport -it’s 6:30 am and I ready to go downright crazy with anticipation. So, I’ll quote a video that Andy Rush linked to a while back … Continue reading

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Planet Northern Voice

I was pretty blown away when I saw the aggregated feeds for the folks who will be attending Northern Voice. Truly amazing stuff, it is humbling to see how many people are regularly posting such cool stuff. Take a look … Continue reading

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