Olia Lialina at Reclaim Open’s Virtual Event

Image of olia lialina reading old schoole web design books

Olia Lialina reading old school web publishing books

As part of our Reclaim Open online program we will be hosting scholar and artist Olia Lialina. From her early interactive hypertext My Boyfriend Came Back from the War (1996) to her archival work to resurrect Geocities in the One Terabyte of Kilobyte Age project. Lialina’s art and criticism have consistently focused on the web as a personal, creative universe to refactor how we imagine space, time, and relationships on the world wide web. She has been a professor of New Media at Merz Akademie in Stuttgart since 1999, and through her teaching, research, art, and writing provides a consistent voice to help us understand early web aesthetics, such the Prof. Dr. Style which highlights the seminal role universities played in the early look and feel of the web. More recently she has been exploring the current trajectory of the web moving “From My to Me.” Her talk at Reclaim, “Seeing 30 years of the WWW through different trajectories,” will map broader design and usability shifts over 30 years of the web through distinct moments and trajectories that highlight the steady loss of agency with monolithic platforms that erase the playful, personal spirit that made this space revolutionary. The talk will be streamed freely for any and all interested on July 17th at 12 PM Eastern (6 PM Central European) at https://watch.reclaimed.tech/reclaim-open

Also, if you’d like to interact with the stream, you can join Reclaim’s Discord instance at http://reclaimed.tech/discord and follow the Reclaim Open channel for live discussion during the event.

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