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Seeing 30 Years of WWW

On Monday we premiered Olia Lialina‘s keynote as part of Reclaim Open’s virtual event, which has been—and will continue to be—happening throughout July. Lialina’s talk is very much a highlight given her ongoing work to preserve and curate the work … Continue reading

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Olia Lialina at Reclaim Open’s Virtual Event

As part of our Reclaim Open online program we will be hosting scholar and artist Olia Lialina. From her early interactive hypertext My Boyfriend Came Back from the War (1996) to her archival work to resurrect Geocities in the One … Continue reading

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Known Issues with the Web Garden

I was looking through the UMW Living Room Console site while writing about the new posters for Reclaim Arcade. While doing so I came across a few broken links in the inventory, to my chagrin. Links such as this one … Continue reading

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Lifebits, the Next Corner of Cyberspace?

Net artist Olia Lialina will be presenting at the Transmedial conference later this month and she reached out in preparation for her talk with a question for me and other folks who run similar projects to Reclaim, such as Neocities, … Continue reading

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Prof. Dr. Style

Lauren Heywood, Daniel Villar-Onrubio, and I are working on the exhibit for the Learning on the Open Web conference (OWLTEH) in exactly two weeks. One aspect of the exhibit will be framed examples of the 90s learning web. This will entail … Continue reading

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When User was Equal to Developer

Olia Lialina pointed me to this amazing post she wrote back in 2010 about what she has coded the “Prof. Dr.” style of webpages that can be dated back to 1993. In fact, the post is a tour-de-force of information … Continue reading

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The Afterglow of Kilobyte Age Art

I came across the keynote presentation Bruce Sterling delivered at the transmediale conference wherein he discusses the afterglow of internet rubbish that is the basis of some of the most interesting digital art of our moment. His talk ranged far … Continue reading

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Where have the Online Neighborhoods Gone?

After linking to the “One Terabyte of Kilobyte Age Photo Op” Tumblr in my last post, I started reading around a bit on the Geocities research blog. This post by Olia Lialina (pioneer web artist and theorist) about Neocities got me thinking a lot about how … Continue reading

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