Reclaim Arcade’s Friday Fun

Every Friday for the last month and a half Tim (who is currently collecting a couple of pinball machines somewhere in Maryland) has been featuring one game from the Reclaim Arcade collection. He’s been sharing these short videos on the arcade’s various social media accounts, which include Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. It’s a quick and fun way to keep the various accounts fresh while the space gets built out in order to give people a sense of some of the games they can play once we open. I also love Tim’s format: some fun facts and trivia about the game, some music and/or sound effects from the game, and usually an original commercial, movie clip, or some other marketing incarnation of these pop culture phenomena.

It’s good stuff, and I look forward to them every Friday given I’m never sure which game Tim will be featuring. You can see the other four videos he created below, highlighting some true classics like Joust, Mortal Kombat, Star Castle, Gauntlet, and Outrun—and that’s just a small taste. In fact, he won’t even be able to feature all of our 50+ games by the time we open Reclaim Arcade, so you just might have to come out and see the rest. We’re quickly approaching 1000 followers on Facebook (which has been crucial for getting the word out locally) and early next week we’ll be talking with a reporter from the Free-Lance Star (Fredericksburg’s local newspaper) about Reclaim Arcade and Reclaim Hosting. I’m guessing we got the call from the Free-Lance Star after we got a quick shout-out on, thank you Bill Freehling! One of the things that has been fun and interesting about Reclaim Arcade is thinking through how we build momentum before we open our doors in May. Facebook has been the main strategy for connecting locally, and Tim as been making excellent use of this platform with his Friday feature campaign.*  The next thing will be planning some a series of pop-ups in and around town to let people know there will soon be a bitchin’ arcade in Fred Vegas. It’s getting realer every day!

*And this is coming from someone who has talked smack on Facebook for a very long time. I still despise the platform, but more and more I find myself using it for scouring Facebook Groups to find arcade cabinets to purchase and, more recently, tracking interest in Reclaim Arcade. So, sometimes when you want to build a local business one has to eat a little bit of crow.

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